17) Where did marriage come from, if not god?

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Who invented #marriage?

Automobiles - like marriage - are what we recognize today because the world changes, and the things we use evolve to adapt to that change, writes Raina Bowe in the Huffington Post.


We've evolved to a broader spectrum of #choices and a higher level of acceptance of those #alternative #lifestyles and #family compositions (whether everyone is willing to agree is another argument) and, yes tolerance is required of all of us. How many people have extended #families that they live with or step/half #siblings or #adopted #children? 

The fact that non-procreating #spouses are #marrying should not be the reason for invalidating a #marriage. 

No one is saying all marriages must take place in a #church. Few churches are inclusive of #LGBTQ folks but they should be *tolerant* of the alternative lifestyle in general as it has no affect on them personally. 

Preach to your own, live and let live. Remember to throw no stones.

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