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I took the course on the Sound at a #clubhouse with a fleet of j/24s. That's a 24 foot sloop.

That school has #instructors who were in the #Navy, sailed with their #families in #Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard since they were 2, captained #racing #teams, #sailors who #cruise every weekend, #skippers with licenses from the Royal #Yacht Association, and sailors who charter trips in the Chesapeake Bay, the #Bahamas and the Virgin Islands.

Where ever you take your course you will probably have sailors around you like this. That is the #sailing world. You will fit right in.

Talented sailors enjoy sharing their knowledge with new sailors. You will meet people who can climb masts and #navigate by the stars, fly helicopters, teach at #Annapolis Sailing School, and raced dinghies when they were 8, then graduated to Lasers and FJs, 420s and Larks.

Do I make sailors look like fearless over achievers and lovers of the #outdoors?

 This is not untrue. ?

 You can start slow. ⛵

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