2 sleeve or not 2 sleeve

2 sleeve or not 2 sleeve

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We saw it for an instant on snapchat and then it was gone! And it left us waay intrigued.

We think it could be the coolest thing ever. Or not. We wondered what would we do about the sleeves if we needed to text someone....

Created by Vetements, a small, cultish Paris-based brand helmed by Demna Gvasalia, a Georgian-born designer who is apparently injecting some young energy into the Paris fashion world

Blazers, bombers, and leather jackets all have fabric that hangs below the fingers; some of the sleeves are so long they reach the knees.

Who wears it and loves the design? Well, of course -  Kanye and Kimey  - not only because they are up on all the hotest designers but they can probs have someone text for them if their sleeves are too um, long. 

So, not everyone loves the style - over at ManRepeller - at least one person is not so sure about the whole thing.  And we get that too. 

None the less, the famous French couture house of Balenciaga just recently cherry picked him to be their artistic director. Plan to hear much much more from that guy who makes those long sleeves. 


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