21:59, January 10th

Topaz ?
Author Topaz ?
Collection Local Invaders


Bullfrog, American, squeezed in the grip

of the keeper’s hand—you’re not on the list

of invasive species in North Carolina,

said the keeper.

Toad, with venom glands behind your eyes,

you are not native and eating more than your share

of something rare or needed by another species.

A boy on his mother’s lap

clacked his rhinoceros clacker

while the keeper talked;

his rhino invaded the air,

a species of smack talk.

The rat, even with his jaunty black stripe

down his white body, didn’t seem

docile enough to touch, though

plenty of children did.

Another invader from Asia

by way of Europe,

arriving with traders

to take all they could.

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