23) Civil rights are not subject to belief, period.

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It's fascinating that so many Americans can't understand what civil rights are.

16I love this quote going around now 17 If that is true then how do we determine what is and is not a civil right?18

Here's the answer. It's simple.

Civil rights are personal rights -- innate ones -- guaranteed on birth or citizenship by the constitution. 

Yes the signing of the constitution, bill of rights and all those pesky amendments really did happen. 

And you want to know how we decide what a civil right is in regard to marriage equality? 

We decided in June 2015. In June. 

But Kim Davis wasn't ready to move on. 

That's what happened. 

We're ready to figure out the next thing and she's still clinging to the old way, which is no longer the now. It's time to move forward. State politicos aren't going to help her now and not in January 2016. I feel sorry for her but she needs a dose of reality.

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