3) Acupuncture reminded me what pain free feels like

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A friend convinced me to try her acupuncturist.

Years ago I had found relief from migraines through acupuncture, so I thought it was worth a try. This guy was quite expensive, and I balked at the initial fee. But, in the end, why not? It wasn't like I hadn't already tried everything else.

After the session and for a week afterwards, I noticed something incredible. I could put my feet flat on the floor for the first time in four years. My hip was pain free.

I had been in pain so long I had gotten used to it. Forgotten what it was like to not have pain all down the left side of my body. While I didn't continue with acupuncture, (too expensive) I did vow to find a way to be painfree again. That one pain-free window of a week became like a high I was desperately seeking to re-attain.

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