3. Classic beauty on the outside; recycled diesel engine under the hood

Leaving #Havana, we took the #tourist bus Viazul – visitors are not allowed to take the local buses – through to Playa Larga and shared taxi to Cienfuegos and Trinidad, enjoying the shift from hectic #city to relaxed #countryside and back again.

Streets that look like war zones harbour priceless gems. Horse and carts ply the same streets as classic hulks harbouring diesel rather than gas engines. 

From classic #cars to horse and cart – #Trinidad’s cobblestone streets are a testament to Cuba’s duplicity. 

American beauties share narrow roads with grass-grazing classics. Word from the street is that newer model cars cost in the $30,000 plus range; classic cars run from $15,000 – $25,000. 

A doctor we met with a specialty and who teaches young doctors earns less than $450/month. She can’t afford a car. No word on how much a horse and cart would cost.

What you see is not always the full story. I have so much more to learn about this fascinating #country.

Photos by B. Kopp

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