3. Just Shoot Me Now? Nope, the N-word is ok here

Relax. There's a time, a place and a reason. But it doesn't apply to everyone, so whitey don't get any ideas.

You feel me?  When you're brothers under the skin, with common experiences, feelings, knowledge, past, you can cop to using a colloquialism that encompasses an empowerment of your collective peoplehood. But not everyone can just pick it up and throw it out there. Just because you think you understand what someone has gone through doesn't mean you really understand it, or you've lived it through their eyes, their skin, their mind, their heart. Don't belittle or downplay the effect of systemic racism and under privilege. Back the F off.

A new generation leads the way in taking away the stings of the past and flourishes even against the backdrop the our older generation's resistance to change in thinking. The old version of the N-word won't ever change it's definition or the feeling it invokes. The new version of the word, its spelling, connotation and meanings is totally different. Don't be close-minded in thinking the two are the same.

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