3. Kipling wrote, 'Rajasthan was created so mankind would have a spectacle'

9so mankind would have a spectacle of jewels and marble palaces

Well-put, Rudyard. 

This #desert state in north #India distills everything that's #magical about India: magnificent palaces and fortresses of the #Maharajahs; the last word in opulent decor, because the fabulously wealthy royal families brought skilled #artisans from all over #Asia; turbaned, ferociously mustached men; exotic festivals honoring #camels and #elephants; fantastic crafts, from beautiful hand-made textiles, miniature paintings, jewelry, embroidered saris, pottery to enamelware.

And color. Lots of it.

73Pink is the navy blue of #India

Color blazes across Rajasthan, and you'll encounter a riot of fuchsia, magenta, pumpkin-orange, turquoise, purple and scarlet saris - embroidered, sequined, striped and floral-patterned - whenever you walk down a street. 

Here, a #rainbow palette is as common as black worn by #hipsters in New York.

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