Harvard & Stone* for hip bedheads

I put a star next to this bar title for a reason. This is the first bar I ever attended in LA and it stills holds the #1 spot in my heart...and for all the right reasons. 

Harvard & Stone, formerly known as Stone bar, has become hipster central lately with bands and DJs that reside in nearby Silver Lake, Echo Park and Hollywood. The women who frequent the place tend to be effortlessly beautiful cool chicks, the kind who look like they threw on whatever was lying on the floor, ran their fingers through their hair and smeared on eye makeup while driving to the bar. They care enough to take a once over in the mirror before they enter the bar, but don't care if you take them home and contribute to their bed head. See what I did there? 

Oh, I forgot to mention something...Their cocktails are to die for. They staff  true mixologists at this joint. So enjoy some of the best tasting, hand crafted cocktails, while listening to some new tunes, all while having an extremely cute, hip chick that can't wait to leave this bar with you. 


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