Young bathing men and older men in robes or suits watching them

Have a look at the following 5 ads, spanning the 1930s and 1940s.

Each on their own is fairly innocuous. Together they seem to suggest that the subject of a man in a bathing suit and a man in a robe or suit together might constitute something more communicative than simply a random happenstance. It appears to be a real theme27tell28

Young bathing men and older men in robes or suits watching them:

Penn Maryland 1935 ad - the year after Repeal.

Hiram Walker gin, late 1930s. Older man in robe watches bathing men pool-side.

Kinsey Blended Whiskey ad - mid 1940s - detail. Poolside highballs.

Old Sunny Brook blended whiskey ad - 1947. Older man in a robe greets a younger man in a bathing costume.

Old Sunny Brook blended whiskey ad, 1949. Bathing man in pool signals to a rather eager man in a suit.

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