5) Embracing my choice

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After a while, I started to openly admit that I liked my role as a homemaker. Does this still make me a feminist? Yes, although I am sure there are many out there who would dispute it. I used to be one of those women who bucked gender-based roles, yet now find myself in one by choice. If I want to go back to work outside of the home, we can find childcare for Eren and make it happen. Instead, I made a decision to stay home for at least the first two years of Eren’s life. It is the first time I have gone so long without working since I was 16, and the #change was difficult. There were many difficult days; many times when I gladly would have walked out the door and taken the first job that came my way just to say I was working. In these two years, however, I was able to rest and reflect on what I wanted to do with my life for the first time ever. Now, I could create a job for myself, and do what I wanted. It was daunting and overwhelming. As I nurtured my feminine side by taking care of Eren, nursing him, cooking, cleaning my house and lunching with friends, I suddenly felt powerful. These menial tasks I had once sneered at gave me inner strength that my other jobs had lacked. It was a rough road but so worth the journey. Despite what I thought at the time, I realize now that not once did I ever stop creating during that time. I was constantly at work, though payment was different.

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