5) Lunch with pink flamingos

Topaz ?
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Collection Miracle of Bali

We spent a bundle on a ticket to what must be the classiest birdpark in South East Asia. Taman Burung has a terrific #rainforest #aviary and a gift shop where you want to buy everything.

We went early and stayed for lunch at its #restaurant, surrounded by pink flamingos. 

A handler brought macaws, parrots and cockatoos to our table to say hi. 

Since the park runs a breeding program, the birds have grown up around humans and nibbled on our collars and whispered sweet birdy nothings into our ear. 

Then, the dirty and boring Monkey Forest Sanctuary. 

#Monkeys run wild.

#Australian #tourists trying to get a close photo ended up encouraging the monkeys to attack their Aussie womenfolk. Three little macaques pulling on a hysterical woman’s skirt.

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