5. When in doubt, Google it

5. When in doubt, Google it

Author Topaz ?
Collection Solo parenting

After the time, money, effort and heartache I put into formal education, it can pose quite a blow to my ego when I don’t know how many ounces are in a gallon, how to unclog a drain, how to cook a meal my children will eat and the best way to clean a glass top oven. It’s easy for me to spout off questions to my smarty pants husband knowing he will listen to me without judgement and most likely A) know the answer or B) drop what he is doing and find it. With the steady stream of silence pounding in my ears I realize I cannot turn to him in my time of intellectual need. I need to find it myself. Although, I am aware that there is not a live studio audience waiting in anticipation for and laughing at my Internet inquiries, an inner voice nags at me, “You don’t know this? How can you not know this?” I hush the demons and type in the search bar. When I find the answer I feel another sense of victory that I can do hard things. Solo parenting is tough but you can do it. You may become a different person in the end but I promise you will be stronger and hopefully soon will be able to indulge in a well deserved nap.

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