El Cid's burlesque dancers hang out at the bar

Though it closed down recently, El Cid is back and it's sultrier than ever. It may not be packing in half-naked boy toys like the raging dance clubs, but the entertainment, food and band bookings is seeing the s(ass) return to Silver Lake area. 

There are plenty of great bars within this area. That being said, if you're not feeling the vibe of this place, take a walk around the area and you'll undoubtedly stumble upon a glorious watering hole, full of gorgeous broads. 

NOTE: Immediately after their shift ends, a lot of the burlesque dancers hang out at the bar. This just increases the hot chick to guy ratio at the bar. Buy one of the dancers a drink, show her a good time, then just maybe she will show you her moves in a private setting. ;) 

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