6. Her insights are now in the bones of my book

Topaz ?
Author Topaz ?
Collection The Parting Glass

She’d heard the beginnings of Lake Effect, in its earliest stages and some of the bones of the #story belong to her #insight. 

As the end drew closer, I would sit beside her bed and read aloud to her whatever #novel I was into at the time, a privilege for me and a #memory I’ll treasure always.

Here's an #excerpt from #LakeEffect:

Over these past few weeks she'd allowed herself to think that falling in love a second time might actually be possible. She thought of Wyeth holding her in the doorway, kissing her in the backyard of the manor house. She'd thought of nothing but him since the day Norman pushed him in that damn pool. His kisses had ignited her in a way Jack's never had. They were sexy and deep . . . experienced, too experienced.

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