6. Victory may only be a putt or two away

So why stick around, despite the job’s low-profile nature and often low pay?

For Wynn, it’s the thrill of the chase — the pressure of performing under the gun, the excitement of being in the hunt, victory only a #putt or two away.

It all started when he was in his 20s, living in #SanAntonio. He played #golf with a couple of caddies — Joe “Gypsy” Grillo and Steve “Fluff” Cowan — and Fluff (yes, that’s #TigerWood’s first caddie) invited him to drive out to #PebbleBeach with him.

He did, and he’s pretty much been on one tour or another ever since, having caddied for around 200 players in his #career. 

#caddie #job #salary #golf #sports

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