7-Eleven - A Symbol of... Something?

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The title above told me it was 7:11, January 22, 2016.

Yes, yes it is. 

Now it's 7:12.

38that place where all the unruly teenagers hang out39Blue House40

Why is the 7-Eleven that sort of place? I live in a city, and there are no 7-Elevens where unruly teenagers hang out. Mostly, it seems like the people who go into the 7-Elevens are extremely tired, coming out of a hard day or night of work, and all they want is the familiar smell of a convenience store that seems to spray the same cocktail perfume of burning pizza, air freshener, and freezer burn. It's a place where people buy cheap coffee and a doughnut that's been sitting around all day. Or, in my city, a fake churro or two. 

It must be a suburban thing, this hanging out behind the 7-Eleven, in the parking lot, necking and smoking weed and generally being a teenager with one place of respite from the parental units. Having never lived in the suburbs, it's not something I am familiar with.

But it's a well-know, well-worn trope in American literature today, it seems. And that makes 7-Eleven more important than it knows. Because once things like this are immortalized in art, with the power of words surrounding them, they live on beyond the franchise's true lifetime. 

At least, that's what I like to hope, when I think about art's importance in the world. I am probably deluded, but I like to hope.

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