How far we have come?

How far we have come?

Topaz ? 3 years ago

But that was years ago. How far we have come, right? Maybe? I must say, I haven't seen many blacks in whisky advertising at all in recent years. Have you?  See my Pinterest board on this topic:

Here's how a black man was depicted in a Kansas Spirit Whiskey ad last year:

Maybe we still have a ways to go yet...

There's nothing racially wrong with the last ad - except that the whiskey isn't any good.

That's the whiskey snob subtext here.

Meanwhile, most of the racist advertised whiskies shown in this story (but not all) are excellent or even legendary. Half the bottles shown would bring 4 figures or close at auction now.

Thanks to MAO for pointing out that this joke wasn't obvious at all. So what does that say?

Marketing and the whiskey itself are two totally separate things. Remember that.

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