8) River rafting on the swollen Blackfoot

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That afternoon, I river-rafted on the Blackfoot River - of “A River Runs Through It” fame, a legendary fly #fishing river, seven miles of which is on Paws Up’s own land. 

Most of the time, our rubber raft crested #waves as if we were surfing, as we bounced along, with hardly any need to paddle - the Blackfoot was at its highest point, swollen with #snowmelt from nearby #mountains in May.

But occasionally, ardent paddling wasn’t enough. 

A tall wall of cold water smacked us in the face with brute force, drenching us from head to toe, making our wetsuits well, wet, momentarily blinding us, making the couple behind us deeply grateful we chose to be in front and break the waves for them. 

On our final 2 ½ miles, we hit we hit one wave after another, as I clutched the side of the raft with dear life to prevent being chucked into the vortex.

#rafting #whitewater #Montana #outdoors #watersports #sports #adventure

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