The Fleischmann's Blended Whisky Campaign: A Coming Sexual Revolution

In a foreshadowing of the sexual revolution, a rare appearance by women in whiskey ads during this period (outside of populating party pictures or holding a serving tray) is in this famous late 1950s campaign.

In each ad a man carries an enormous bottle of cheap Fleischmann's blended whiskey home and elicits appreciative delighted glances and attention from pretty, well dressed (i.e. high status), ladies on the street. Presumably they can't resist the inherent humor of the big bottles.

The barely hidden subliminal subtext is that he is hugely endowed with a titanic erect phallus which is what garners the female attention. The women here are to provide the approving gaze - within a subliminal sexual context.

That edge of sexuality was new - and about to become a tidal wave. But the women in these transitional ads are chastely fully dressed and at a physical distance.

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