9. The shapeshifter noticed a double-decker bus was a superior disguise

Professor Kknee paused to take a breath, having finally realized that a silence had fallen over the vast Great Hall, indicating that his audience was either listening in rapt attention, gone into premature hibernation, or, in at least one case in the front center row, was having its internal organs gelatinized and sucked out by the adjoining #dignitary in the next seat, a clear violation of the strict rules forbidding guests from bringing their own food and drink into the Hall. Everyone knew that the Aarggggh made a huge profit from concession sales and reacted strongly to such flagrant disregard for their bylaws.

Fluttering his lips in irritation or distress, it was hard to tell which, Professor Kknee adjusted his honor cords repeatedly, glancing several times at the Aarggggh security detail, which were quite busy licking the floor near the sleeping Keeper in a very strange and disquieting manner. Professor Kknee began to shake slightly while observing this strange behavior as he wiggled his eyes all at once, then he suddenly launched back into his report, as if he’d come to the conclusion that it would be best to quickly wrap up his findings in an expedient manner and beat a hasty retreat back to his #spaceship

But this is merely conjecture and exactly what was going through his three brains is not clear nor was there any evidence left in the remains to discern what could have been going through them. No matter.

He continued on, explaining that the shapeshifter, still in Tardis form, had noticed something called a double-decker bus pass by his location on the sidewalk, which he thought would be a far superior disguise to even the Tardis disguise. 

First of all, it catered to something called #tourists

This was very advantageous since these tourists were often not missed for days or weeks at a time while the shapeshifter’s eating of #residents was, in fact, beginning to be noticed by local authorities. Something called a “manhunt” had been called as well as a search for a “serial killer.” 

Of course, no bodies had yet been found which led many humans to guess something of the truth and “alien abduction” theories abounded. It was all just a little too close to the truth for comfort, making the shifter quite irritable.    

Footnotes to this moment

A double-decker #bus is apparently a #vehicle used for transporting large numbers of the #indigenous humans from one location to another, particularly lazy ones.

Tourists: Obnoxious, loud humans who have left their normal habitations to gawk at and complain to other humans about how their locations and food are not similar to what they are used to at their normal locations. Usually very fat and even more lazy than the humans that reside in the area where they have gathered.   

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