9 Tips on How to Avoid Seasonal Depression

9 Tips on How to Avoid Seasonal Depression

Topaz ? 3 years ago

If you live somewhere in Spain or Chile, don’t read this. But if you’re from the north and know what seasonal depression is from your own experience then prick up. Actually, everything is as easy as ABC but lots of people are just lazy or too busy to take care of themselves. Here are some useful and simple ways to meet this spring smily and happy!

1. Physical activity boosts your self-esteem and gives you energy (true story)

Find some time for at least walking around your house or office, don’t overload yourself but make it a ritual. Bicycle is also a great option to stay bouncy.

2. Get more of natural light

Vampires are sooo out of fashion! Don’t miss daytime if you have an opportunity to catch some sun - it’s spring people! Even 15 minutes a day is better than nothing. Use your weekends to go out of city for fresh air and some calmness.

3. In the end a balanced diet brings more happiness than a cheeseburger

It’s proved by many scientific researches that healthy nutrition treats depressions, or at least boosts your energy level. All you need is to add some vegs, fruits and fish to your daily meals and in some weeks you’ll see the result. 

4. “Feel good” hormones are waiting for your actions

It’s a lifehack from nutritionists - serotonin which is also known as ‘feel good’ hormon is the key to your happiness. That’s why your diet should contain amino acid that converts into serotonin (eggs, bananas, poultry, dairy products). 

5. More vitamine D. MORE!!!

Once again - fish, eggs, cerials, poultry. Make a tattoo with this list and never forget about it.

6. Exercises at work (because why not?)

Sitting in the offcie during winter time is a 100% mood killer. But every situation has its bright sides. One study found that employees devoting 2.5 of their work hours a week to exercise, got as much done with their time as those employees who did not work out in their regular hours. 

7. Find something you enjoy and dig into it

Creative activities, big or small, inspire and help to relax. Painting, photography, knitting or walking at midnight - everything that you enjoy doing is worth doing.

8. Reduce the ammount of alcohol (or stop doing it)

Seriously. Booze seemingly gives you relaxation but in the end it takes more than gives. It’s up to you to decide!

9. Talk to people you trust

Being alone is not bad. But when you’re upset or depressed it’s better to be with close people who can support you and listen to you. 

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