A modern style icon's take on a legendary artist

A modern style icon's take on a legendary artist

Topaz ? 3 years ago

In her latest series, photographer Tony Gum riffs on the iconic self-portraits of Frida Kahlo, a subject she had taken on in earlier online collaborations with friends.

“... this time I wanted to take my own approach on it and also introduce myself with Frida, because I feel that I do have a connection to this legend… she has this thing where she says, I rather paint myself because I know myself best, and I take pictures of myself because I know myself best… but my history has a lot more bliss, and I remember it most because of the childhood experiences, and that's something that I do miss a lot. I try to bring that out within the coloring and the composition and the choice of palette… so that's my granny's gown, that's my mother's gown, so it's just everything from home… I just wanted to also introduce myself through that and call it Free ‘Da’ Gum… for freeing myself and also just saying hey guys I'm here…”

36Free ‘Da’ Gum I37

54Free ‘Da’ Gum II55

72Free ‘Da’ Gum III73

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