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Vertical Rock Indoor Climbing Center  @VRClimb (located in Manassas, #Virginia) is the perfect place for a family (ages 10, 7, and 2) to celebrate a #birthday. Ethan (7) wanted his friends who have never climbed before to learn in a place where they didn’t have to worry about bugs or the weather. I liked the idea of my children engaging in a year-round #community-oriented sport, available both #indoors and #outdoors, which would keep them out of trouble and #unplugged.

My friends couldn’t wait to take advantage of Vertical Rock’s Friday Night on the Rocks program. For two hours every Friday, parents can go out on a #date while their kids are working on their climbing skills!

Ethan is eager to join Vertical Rock’s #competition team, outdoor #camps, and their #Boy #Scout Indoor or Outdoor Merit #Badge program. And thanks to Vertical Rock being one of the few locations in the country where there is no #age #limit to climb and plenty of kid harnesses to go around, Riley did not have to be left out this time.

At Ethan’s birthday party, Riley was the first in line to climb. Quietly, she stood as tall as she could on her #baby toes, hoping that none of the instructors would notice how tiny she was. Without any hesitation, she pulled herself up onto a handhold high above her head. And then kept going up and up with an elegance I had no idea a #two-year-old could possess. There was no expression on her face, as if she had been doing this for years.

Her belayer, Victoria Lu, who started climbing as #therapy for her joint injuries from lacrosse said, “Oftentimes, the younger children have the least #fear, so they are limited only by their physical ability instead of by both their physical and mental capacities.” I started making plans to get Riley on the Endless Wall so I can see whether I can get a smile on that face. 

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