A Star is Born

A Star is Born

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Maybe you have never heard of this person, but I predict eventually you will. #Sevdah singer Božo Vrećo from far away #Bosnia, is gaining popularity in his native #Bosnia every day and expanding his circle of fans #internationally from Sweden, Austria, and Germany and who knows where next. What is it about him that is so fascinating..... #takealook

(I was asked 'Who do you find interesting in the world right now..? in Colorado Creatives and here is what I said about Božo Vrećo ) 

38Specific people: Bosnian-American artist Aida Sehovic

7172reveals Vrećo. 1173type74embed75attributes76url77http://www.vijesti.me/caffe/bozo-vreco-zivim-i-kao-muskarac-i-kao-zena-82008278type79p80contents81type82text83contents84and the people

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