Ali Wong's Baby Cobra Is A Triumph; Also, I Want All Her Glasses

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Much has already been made of Ali Wong's new Netflix comedy special, Baby Cobra--and for good reason. It's hilarious, real, and you should definitely watch it unless you're easily offended and don't do modern comedy ever.

In the special, Wong (whose current day job is as a writer for ABC's hilarious Fresh Off The Boat) tromps out on stage while she's seven and a half months pregnant. Then she proceeds to tear down our current pyramid of unassailable societal holy cows with hilarious and laser-exact precision. Why? Because it's her style, and that ish is funny, yo. 

Among the taboo topics discussed: Why pregnant stand-up never happens, crazy natural body functions that women never talk about, the pitfalls of feminism, the comforting bonds of familial racism...oh yeah, and also her previous miscarriage and how frequently they actually happen to women (but no one wants to talk about it, and we need to knock that ish out). 

Doesn't sound like it should be funny? Just watch the special, and you'll see that it is. The key to good comedy is appreciating that everything can be completely hilarious if you look at it a certain way--and Wong is an expert. 

In this interview with Vogue, Wong goes into a little more detail about Baby Cobra

So now you know all you need to know about the special. Go watch it. Then come back to this post and admire Wong's glasses game with me, because it is FIERCE. Seriously. All my fellow glasses-rockers in the house know what I'm talking about. You notice when those frames are on point. Your friend with the 20/20 vision sitting next to you might not care, but you know you do.

Seriously, just look at the cover art. You know you're itching for new frames.

Then you watch her special, and see those red retro frames are even better in real life than in the drawing.

And then you scroll back through her Insta and see that her glasses game is strong every single day of the year. #squadgoals

I wrote tomorrow night's episode of #FreshOffTheBoat ABC 8pm Great guest stars!!!

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I tucked my hair in my sweatshirt and am now tempted to cut it short!

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My new friend

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Funny as hell and great taste in glasses. Y'all best get on the #aliwong train on #Netflix like five minutes ago.

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