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I'm amazed No Man's Sky has been able to sustain its hype for three years. 

Before Hello Games' Sean Murray debuted the trailer for No Mans Sky on SpikeTV in 2013, other developers warned him not to do it. Describing a game with an almost limitless universe to explore would set expectations too high, put too much pressure on the programmers making the game and set up users for disappointment. 

Murray is ambitious, as well as friendly and low-key. For example, he wanted the game featured at E3's main stage, which hadn't been done before with a title from an indie developer. Kudos to him: The main stage appearance happened. But as a result pressure has built and built.

Finally, No Man's Sky is going to be released on June 21st, 2016 for PlayStation 4, and with the extended trailers, reviews and gameplay videos, we're getting a good idea of what this universe is like.

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