Andy & Amelie are Splitsville

Normally when a player and a coach part ways, it's not that drama-filled. 

But Andy #Murray and #Amelie #Mauresmo's long goodbye was the cause of a lot of speculation and #gossip for months. So it's no surprise that everyone's got their eyes on the two. And their ears pointed in their direction hoping to hear what the real reasons were... #AndyMurray #AmelieMauresmo

The pair released mutual statements on Monday, which cut down on the he said/she said contradictions, and kept it short, sweet and a bit sad.  You know, the #reallife stuff we all forget in pursuit of the juicy #gossip we're hoping to rip our teeth into. Bad us! For shame!

Last August Amelie and her partner had a baby -- yes, a happy event for sure -- and she took six months off. Now that's what most new #parents would like to do, right? So who can hold that against her? She played top flight #tennis for years, and has coached Andy for two years, and has finally had a dream come true baby, and wants some time to be a new mom. Okay.

But when it came to re-integrating back into the working #lifestyle, things didn't quiet jell the same way as they used to, and traveling the same twenty-five weeks a year with Andy wasn't so easy.  The amount of time she was able to spend with Andy was nowhere near the level he needed or was used to, and Jamie #Delgado the #UK #Davis Cup #team captain had been filling in. And it appears Jamie will continue to fill in because Andy and Amelie have decided that they need to part ways for the better for both of them.  It's too bad, really.

Andy is a staunch #feminist, and it was uplifting to see him hire a #female #coach and break that invisible #barrier that seemed in place for men working with women #coaches, no matter how talented and accomplished they are. Hopefully we will see more men get over whatever is keeping them from doing the same.

Meanwhile, Andy has to choose a new main coach, and there are many to choose from! Martina #Navratilova is a real possibility, as is the potential to hook up with Ivan #Lendl again. Only time will tell, but we probably won't know before the #FrenchOpen.

She's open, but said she'd have to sacrifice something to make it work.

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