Angela Merkel

Topaz ? 4 years ago


“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the theory,” goes the old adage. But too often it is easier to keep the theory and change the facts – or so German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other pro-austerity European leaders appear to believe. Though facts keep staring them in the face, they continue to deny reality. Austerity has failed. But its defenders are willing to claim victory on the basis of the weakest possible evidence: the economy is no longer collapsing, so austerity must be working! But if that is the benchmark, we could say that jumping off a cliff is the best way to get down from a mountain; after all, the descent has been stopped. But every downturn comes to an end. Success should not be measured by the fact that recovery eventually occurs, but by how quickly it takes hold and how extensive the damage caused by the slump.

Focus on my doppel D's... Greece...Portugal...Italy...France...Spain and all other southern EU members. Yes das ist guuuuut das ist zehr guuut! Ze future looks über bright for Tschermany. You have all become our bitches now yah!

86You Varoufakis

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