Are late-night selfies the new unsolicited d*ck pic?

Are late-night selfies the new unsolicited d*ck pic?

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Now that the unsolicited #dickpic has been unanimously vetoed, killed, and cremated, dudes have started getting crafty with mystical late-night #selfies instead. Sorry (not sorry) to break it to you: we didn't want your junk shots, and we don't want your face either.

Two women editors got together at Esquire to dish on the late-night man-selfie: 

6667type68b69contents70type71text72contents73W74type75b76contents77type78text79contents80hen a dude sends you a selfie81type82text83contents84 late at nightSam Escobar, Good Housekeeping beauty editor

111#Snapchats are inherently flirtatious. Especially because I am my peak (publicly) #slutty in my Snapchat story… There112re a dude who never posts selfies113type114text115contents116 to your #Instagram

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