Baby Croc

A lonesome Croc tells the tale of his wearer. #babycroc #goodbyecrocs #dudewheresmycroc

Croc on 20th and Shotwell

It has been two days of abandonment on the sidewalk, and no one has come looking for me. I am getting quite scared now, and a bit sad. Doesn't Jaxon realize that I am missing? How is he able to climb up the play structure so that he can zoom down the slide, or chase the dogs that occupy Dolores Park? I know that Jaxon has other shoes, but we are his favorite, the only ones that bring him comfort and flexibility. He's growing at an alarming rate, and his collection of tennis shoes give him blisters on the bottoms of his precious feet and toes. If he is not wearing us, he chooses to go barefoot, despite his mother's paranoia of him stepping on needles and chipped glass. She yelled at him one day that if he kept running around without shoes that he was going to get AIDS or some other disease that would kill him. I don't think Jaxon is playing into her rash foolishness.  Plus, what a monstrous thing to say to him! 

I love seeing when Jaxon is free and able to explore his universe without any inhibitions. When he is with his babysitter, Kylie, he is allowed to be in this state of bliss. Jaxon can climb trees and the rocks that line the playground at Golden Gate Park. His golden brown curly hair shakes over his eyes, those wonderful eyes of warm chocolate. Laughter flows out of his heart shaped mouth, and it is music that rings out for miles. Jaxon likes to pretend that he lives in the forest, that his home is a sanctuary of pines and bushes. He is the ruler over all the ants, the worms, the spiders and other wiggly creatures. Even though he is their ruler, he governs with peace and justice, only intervening when they seem to be heading into danger, like the path of a runaway toddler. 

Oh my, will I ever get to run again? Feel the dirt and rocks trapped in between my bottom grooves? Will gum ever stick to me and make me bounce against concrete? I see a wad of pink goo just across the street, and how homesick it makes me! Also, what about my better right footed half? What is he doing? Is Jaxon limping around wearing only him? Or was he discarded as soon as my disappearance was noticed? Him and Jaxon were both shouting out when I slipped off Jaxon, his mom on the phone, dragging him by the hand to one of his hundreds of lessons, French was it, or was it tap dance?

 I will not give up hope. I will continue to send out vibes of where I am to Jaxon and my other half. Someone will hear me. They will feel my aching sole and rescue me. Until then, I will keep dreaming about smashing myself into that pillow of gum. 

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