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The owner, Malia, is passionate about her family, her store and #downtownfaync.  We were introduced through a mutual friend and she has SUCH a good soul and you can tell how much she loves what she does, how grateful she is for getting to do the thing that she actually loves in a place that she actually loves.  Not many of us get this type of opportunity in a lifetime.  She gets to make a difference in the lives of families.  That's BIG.I haven't visited the store since she moved back to where she started on Franklin Street, but I'm positive that it can make any Mama's heart happy.  When I started researching cloth diapering I had SO many questions.  Malia knows this is a quest and for beginners, it's an adjustment.  She offers cloth diapering classes, along with baby wearing classes at the store.Let me tell you, Moms...this is an excellent way to not only LEARN about the respective subjects, but to meet like minded Moms (and Dads!).  Transitions are so much easier when you have someone close experiencing it with you.  You can definitely meet your tribe at bumbledoo.

My little guy uses sign language since he hasn't started talking yet, and I was super impressed to see they even offered a baby sign language class!At bumbledoo you will find everything you need for baby.  From bath products to amber teething necklaces to highchairs and hard to find strollers.  You name it- it's there.  They even make mystery boxes that you can order and they're currently ALL. THE. RAGE.

bumbledoo is located at 231 Franklin St in #downtownfaync#fayettevillenc #fayetteville #downtown #shoplocal #baby #babies #toddlers #clothdiapers #diapers #amber #teething #babywearing #tula #ringsling #highchair #babypalooza #stroller #britax #bobstroller #kids #classes #signlanguage #makeandtake #mysterybox #bumbledoo

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