Bad Bitch Playlist #2: Fight the Patriarchy

Bad Bitch Playlist #2: Fight the Patriarchy

Author Topaz ?
Collection Bad Bitch Music

Is the patriarchy getting you down? This playlist will bring you back up. Turn up the music and get your rage on!

19None of Your Business20

Absolutely no one should care about your sex life... except for you. Unfortunately, that's not the case. So the next time someone is judging you for getting it on, just remember this song. 

Our favorite line: 46Now you shouldn47m givin48s be honest67  68type69p70contents71type72text73contents74This music video is the solution for everyone who75re a queen. (PS. How GREAT are those suits?!)76type77embed78attributes79url80 favorite line: 91type92text93contents9495Even if it makes others uncomfortable, 103104type105p106contents107type108b109contents110type111text112contents113Meredith Brooks

So take me as I am. This may mean, 150151type152p153contents154type155b156contents157type158text159contents160Lil161t Hold Us Down162

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