Bloodier than boxing, but safer

Bloodier than boxing, but safer

Mixed Martial Arts fighting has long been criticized for being very dangerous. This is not surprising, given how frequently fighters get injured in the ring.

Indeed, blood is much more likely to flow in an MMA match then it is in a professional boxing match or wrestling match.

However, a recently-concluded long-term study of both MMA and boxing found that while minor and bloody injuries are more common in MMA, Boxing is much more likely to lead to serious wounding with long-term complications. Concussions, broken bones, and other grievous injuries are actually less common in MMA, despite the bloody nature of the sport.

So the next time you enjoy watching two human meat-bags pummel the crud out of each other in the octagon, you can rest assure that you aren't watching the most painful and destructive sport on television. Isn't science great?

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