Brexit to spell trouble for the Prem?

Brexit to spell trouble for the Prem?

Topaz ? 3 years ago

Brexit has been sending waves through every level of society over the past few days; the PrimeMinister resigned, there was an uproar amongst the youth, the Pound lost value, and to top it off most British people aren't even certain what the EU is or does, it's been a disaster to say the least.

But could Brexit impact football and the level of play in the PremierLeague?

FA chairman Greg Dyke said the vote to leave the EU could have 40quite an impact on English football41

Although the real effects of Brexit wont be seen for at least two years Dyke explains the possible short term problems Brexit could cause, saying--

58The most immediate impact in the short term will be upon this transfer window. What we've seen over the last few hours is the pound plummeting in value by as much as 10% at certain stages.""

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