Bryce Canyon

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Carved from the soft sandstone over millions of years, Bryce Canyon offers one of the most majestic and wondrous views of any National Park in the US. Sitting at an elevation of nearly 9,000 feet Bryce also offers visitors many different opportunities for adventure depending on the season you visit.

Hundreds of miles of hiking trails snake their way down through the canyon which offers something for everyone, from 1 mile easy treks to 11 mile all day adventures. Guests to the park in the winter time can snowshoe down the trails or even take to the backcountry on their skis, soaking up the alpine beauty in the midst of a massive desert.

Hiking down the appropriately names Wall Street Trail

Snow-shoeing Bryce in the winter

The best way to take in the beauty is to camp here for several days, allowing yourself ample opportunity to soak up the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. On a moon-less night you are also afforded a one of a kind view of the night sky thanks to the incredibly dark sky and lack of development in the surrounding areas. 

A sunrise in Bryce is like nothing else in the world

For directions, permit information and more visit the link below!

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