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Feminist and Pop Icon -- Nineteen years later

The Buffster and her Loyal Crew

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Not only was the BTVS show well written, acted, directed, etc., but it was original, creative and very funny. Of course it was inspired from the movie of the same name, but the series went waaaay beyond the scope of the movie.

The feminist and still girlie girl lead character, Buffy, had the Hellmouth and High School to deal with -- what could be worse? The cool thing was she had a really great supporting cast, and each one of them just as interesting as the main character.

There were so many ways the show could have tanked but Joss Whedon is a magician and the casting director has an incredible eye. Everything came together in a perfect storm of stage makeup, talented people and hooked cult-like fans, who twenty years later are still on the uber-uglies hunt! 

Showing how groundbreaking and forward leaning feminist the show was, in the fourth season Willow, Alyson Hannigan's character, explored her sexuality. It wasn't anything like when Ellen explored hers on her tv show back in the day. 

A few fans of the Buffster on Twitter had to share she's meant to us all...

And the one closest to the girl herself...

And a few last words from a previous year's notable journal on the revolutionary woman that is Buffy!

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