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Casa de Ella is one of my faves, a high-end brand of fine #bed #linens, bedspreads, towel groups, bathrobes, #decorative #pillows, table cloths, place mats and table runners designed for the home and pleasure crafts. My friend Asli founded this all-female  company 10 years ago in Istanbul,Turkey to showcase the work of #artisans and promote #traditional Turkish embroidery. I was part of the team during its launch and we have an ongoing #collaboration. Today, Casa de Ella offers a wide variety of styles from #elegant designs to #modern lines using top-quality #eco-friendly materials. 

Treasured European #lace and #pearls! So feminine and sweet. 

Hand embroidered pillowcases and bedcover. Made by female #artisans in Adapazari, Turkey. 

Another traditional #embroidery pattern made by hand in the Sakarya region of Turkey.

They look elegant in my #sleigh bed in San Francisco. The whole ensemble complimented the blue and white palette and the #antique wooden furniture from England. Classy and #classic. 

A set of bedlinen with #woven #accent in blue and white reminiscent of #tribal cloth. 

Antepasado de Ella 

Antepasado de Ella with #embroidery directly inspired by #Iznik, Ottoman tile-making tradition. Iznik is also a town rich in history southeast of Istanbul.  To find out more about these magnificent tilework and the hand painting tile craft that has been practiced for centuries check this link :,33841/iznik-and-iznik-tiles.html

Another pattern inspired by Iznik tiles in black and white. #b/w

Below, I featured Casa de Ella fine linens with these beautiful embroidery #patterns to the #trade while I was working at Tazi Designs in San Francisco.

Mania de Ella for the #yacht set. 

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