Chak De! India

Director: Shimit Amin

Running Time: 153 minutes

A compelling drama about a stellar hockey player who gets an opportunity to train a women’s hockey team seven years after being accused of flubbing a game for ulterior motives. India’s most followed #Bollywood star, #ShahRukhKhan, plays the lead role of Kabir Khan and is supported by a bunch of girls constantly squabbling with each other on screen. A thorough sports film, #ChakDe!India highlights the underdog team’s love-hate relationship with their demanding but devoted #coach.

Rajeev Masand, a Indian film critic reviews the film here:

#ShahRukhKhan belongs to Bollywood's invincible Khan triumvirate and has given numerous blockbusters ever since his debut in #Deewana in 1992. This song from #Deewana won him a lot of fans:

With a following of 17.2 million, #SRK, as he is fondly known, is the second most followed Indian on Twitter. Follow him here:


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