Day 3: Crisis...Day 5 (Christmas Eve): Breakthrough

Monday meant going to work.  I have a puppy cam so that I can watch for disasters. It only took a few minutes after my arriving at work before Lugh panicked and broke out of his crate. I rushed home. 

While working from home, I tried to help him overcome his anxieties. It didn't go well. We were only able to get up to 20 minutes before he couldn't take it any more. A friend told me that her vet had recommended to her in the past a couple of Benadryl. I figured I would save that for tomorrow. 

Outside of the crate issues, Lough is adapting well to his new environment. He and Loki are becoming close. We tried sleeping in the bed as a pack again. It went rather well. When Loki started to bother Lugh, Lugh crawled into the kennel. Both of them were on the bed/off the bed/on the bed/off the bed all night. But, we were all able to sleep well. 


I had to work from home on Tuesday as well due to Lugh's anxieties. Still, very little progress. And, to boot, I think I started to pick up a bug some time during the day. By the end of the shift, I was starting to really feel like I was unwell. 

Wednesday (Christmas Eve):

With Lugh having issues and me feeling under the weather, I worked from home (yet again). As I thought about it, I realized that I haven't taken any time off or worked from home due to illness in two years. Usually, I'm sick enough to keep me from going to work once a year. So much for the streak. 

94wolf den95

It seems to have worked. He was quite content to find a spot, curl up, and go to sleep. I worked from upstairs in Annabelle's room. She transformed into a purr-machine, so I imagine my company was welcome (even if I am a lesser species). Despite my absence (and I tried to be quiet), Lugh was fine. 

Now, let's hope this is the fix we need for Lugh. And let's hope that this bug is taken care of. 

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