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A lot happened today but it is literally 3:15 am and the lady just kicked me and Gretchen out of the classroom downstairs where we had sorta crashed after we did our movie night on the ceiling and everyone else left to go to bed. In the morning we painted the dimkovo toys and then we had our talent show which was just such an experience because I performed Moscow Nights solo and I was shaking as I stood there but people told me that it sounded beautiful and then I showed the movie I made about the trip so far and people were tearing up. Tomorrow or today rather we are moving into the host families and then The Russians are leaving. We did the ribbon tying thing again but this was unlike the previous group we had gotten closer to more of the participants becaus even though they weren't as enthusiastic as first we stayed with them longer and got to know them. We had a fancy dinner with amazing cakes and a singing contest that my table totally won and then we got back and sang the AFS together and marched around wit the speakers in an oddly cult like manner. Afterward we made a giant human network on the ground and watched a slideshow on the ceiling and listened to music together. It was actually quite beautiful. After our last свечка, we had another dance party and that's why I'm so exhausted right now and I'm impressed that I'm even writing this goodnight


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