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On the eighth day of this blog (trick: learn Day 8 in Russian to find it) I posted a random update. Scavenger hunt!

Today we visited another camp, startlingly similar to camp луч except with older campers (most were university students), and I practiced a lot of Russian. I'm grateful for this opportunity because my host sister Маша doesn't speak to me in Russian-- her English is very good so she uses that instead. Unfortunately this means I don't get as much of the immersion experience as some others are. I loved talking to the university students because they were more willing to have conversations about subjects we had already learned in class: music, education systems, TV shows, places inside and outside the city. I could not believe how much Russian I knew... I really don't want to lose it when I'm back in the states. It was a солнечно day for the most part but it rained a little while we were there.

We walked down to the берег of the river and it was beautiful. Then We played some games with the campers, including Ninja and a Russian winking game, and we had a ton of food which I really appreciated. I'm definitely going to miss the impromptu snack times when I'm back; it seems like plates of cookies and desserts and tea appear out of nowhere. We also learned how to play the Russian game лапта, which appeared around the 14th century. It's kinda like baseball but not really. I'm actually posting this rather early because for the first time ever j finished most of my homework before 12 AM. I'm going to take a much needed nap now and chill for the rest of the night.


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