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Ok, so I got some different grit sandpapers, a sanding machine at the Home Depot, dismantled the guitar hardware and electronics (very carefully) and began scraping the original guitar finish... sorry I don't have pictures of this, I hadn't thought of chronicling this before  :P  ... While sanding down I was thinking to myself:  This could be heaven... or this could be hell.  haha.

Overall, I think the scraping came pretty well, although some parts where severely scratched, some finer grit paper did the work... primed the whole thing... wet sanded with water and a bit of soap and got a really really great base to work with.  Then added my first coats of black (matte) lacquer.  Again, sorry for the lack of pics... next steps will have pics.

Here's a pic before I removed components and the rest of the hardware and scraping.

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