десять дней

десять дней

Topaz ? 4 years ago

Here's the only picture I got from today's excursion which was fantastic in so many ways. The morning was a little rough. I brought a pack of jellybeans to class in hopes of using the sugar to fend off sleep but I still managed to nod off a few times. By the afternoon I had woken up though and we went to the ice skating rink with the Russians. Like many others, my host family didn't show up (probably busy), but I had the best time rediscovering the joy of ice skating with my new American and Russian friends. There are photos in other people's phones that I have not yet received but I didn't take mine out there onto the rink. The cold fresh air was exhilarating and it was quite chilly and rainy outside too for a change. A nice change in regard to the too hot humidity last week. I could finally use those sweaters and long pants that I packed. I had insane cravings tonight so we went to supermarket and I bought some snacks to munch on as I stared out the window. There's a beautiful view of the city at night from there and the windowsill is large enough for me to sit comfortably on. I am glad I have time to finally chill and be by myself for a bit instead of the initial frenzied nonstop socializing. On a side note the third person in our group has gotten sick and vomited so things aren't looking so good but hopefully it all works out. :) tonight in our candlelight свечка group we talked about our feelings as usual but afterwards we stood in a circle and just hugged each other for a long time. It was funny.


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