Do Men Lie About Wanting Sex?

9Consider the fact that while men frequently report having had more sexual partners than women

31From 32type33b34contents35type36text37contents38the notion that men think about sex every seven seconds39type40text41contents42 to the inescapable trope of the always-eager man to the fact that there’s an entire entertainment industry devoted to catering to the presumably inexhaustible male libido—43type44b45contents46type47text48contents49we all “know” that men want sex

66I’ve come to accept that I’m not alone in my struggle—67type68b69contents70type71text72contents73that the idea of male desire as an ever-present force is more myth than reality74type75text76contents77. But where does this myth come from? Why does it persist? And what’s to be done by those of us whose sexual expectations don’t match up to our reality?78

Sex research is a complex field, with a history of gendered and generalized thinking, but recent developments that push us out of the space of essentialized assumptions about gender and sex will only open up new ways of thinking about sex, love, and relationships.

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