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I did not vote for Trump. But there's no doubt he is beloved by many. I don't get it...but I know it's there. Although the rally was a mere hop, skip & jump (okay, more like 6 minutes) from my home, I decided to sit this one out. In case you're wondering, I did not suffer from FOMO. But I DID watch the FB Live Stream.

As a military spouse, whose husband is on Iraq soil right this moment and I am utterly baffled by Donald Trump as a human- I'm in a Catch 22. He'll be my husband's Commander-In-Chief soon. So, while I do not like the guy, I need him to make great choices in his cabinet. Many have been disappointing.

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This is one of his appointments that I'm thrilled with and hope he gets Mattis is granted the needed waiver to serve in this role. A retired General known for leading troops through victorious battle and caring deeply for his soldiers; Mattis is someone I can get behind as it pertains to the ongoing war and what's ahead for our Military.

I only hope the PEOTUS has learned that he, in fact, DOES NOT know more than the Generals.

Trump's rally drew in about 7,000 supporters. During his speech he heaped praise upon Fort Bragg, the 82nd Airborne, Special Forces and the military as a whole.

It was fairly obvious that Trump didn't stray from his script that night- abnormal for him. Perhaps he kept it calm because a visit to Fayetteville earlier in the year was violent.

135Maybe we can do something about that?136

The entire night was a subdued version of Trump on his best behavior, making promises he won't keep.

On to the next!

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