Drinking Lemonade

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After watching Purple Rain last night, my daughter & I flipped over to HBO to see exactly what Beyonce's Lemonade was. We'd decided that it was either a documentary about her making an album or the album itself.

22an album23Wait. What am I watching? Why is this so beautiful and so painful at the same time? Is she talking about her father


In the end, we find out that the album is titled appropriately, because when Life hands you lemons you make.... Lemonade.

As of now, you can only cop the album on Tidal. No one knows if it will be released on other outlets. Tidal has a 30 day free trial, so you can at least stream it while you find out.

Lemonade is still be shown several times on HBO, which I believe had a free weekend even if you don't have HBO. So run, don't walk, to check it out. Grab some snacks too. You already know what beverage! Looks like its coming on tonight right before Game of Thrones. That's a damn good night of TV!

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