Facebook trending topics trainwreck

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A developing story....as Facebook chooses to boost individual, popular media choices over media from established institutions, and engineers over editors, and algorithms over people curating its trending topics.

The biggest social network in the world has said it wants to let what people find interesting drive it's trending topics, and then removed the curatorial people who oversee what the system determines people are sharing the most. It's a techno social experiment that's for sure.

Within the first 3 days, a totally trash fake news story made its way to the top of trending news -- about Megyn Kelly being sacked by Fox News for supporting Hillary, all untrue. FB took it down, but not before lots of people saw its libelous claims, including calling Kelly a 'traitor'.

Update: On September 9, Facebook says it removed the September 11th Anniversary topic entirely after it promoted a conspiracy theory claiming bombs took down the Twin Towers.

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