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What if Westworld's Robert Ford is actually a robot? Or William is actually an alternate-timeline version of the Man in Black? 

If you're a fan of HBO's Westworld and you're spending any amount of time thinking about this, you're already engaging more deeply with the show. And that's the entire point of fan theories. 

Fan theorizing has been going on since before the Internet became a common thing. Back in the day, fans used to exchange theories about their favorite current shows like Star Trek and photocopy them in fanzines. For modern fans, dedicated fandom forums for everything from Harry Potter to your favorite obscure UK TV shows or Korean dramas are available at the speed of a quick Google search.

Of course, in the modern age, there's always Reddit. In addition to subreddits about every conceivable TV show and movie, there's an entire one dedicated to nothing but fan theories:

Have you ever thought that Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are connected? You're not alone.

But when your fan theory hits traditional media like The Guardian, that's when you know you should take it seriously.

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